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Take a moment and peruse our list of ladies who are currently available for sponsorship! 

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Age: 3

Breed: Red Holstein

About Honeysweet

This sweet girl is true to her name. She's always up for a good head scratch or a cuddle!


Age: 10

Breed: Red Holstein

About Silky

Silky weighs about 1,200 lbs and has a big independent spirit to match! She's sassy, but at 10 years old, we think she's allowed to be.


Age: 3

Breed: Holstein/Lineback mix 

About Sparky

This gal has one of the most unique coats out of the whole herd! Sparky likes to be by herself and enjoy her quiet time.


Age: 3

Breed: Red Holstein

About Mollie

Mollie is the mischievous one in the herd! She always seems to find ways to get out of her pen, but we still love this feisty gal.


Lulu (L) and Lara (R)

Ages: 6 weeks

Breed: Red Holstein

About Lulu and Lara

These two babies are the best of friends! They love running around and having playtime in their pen with their other calf buddies


Age: 6 weeks

Breed: Red Holstein

About Minnie

Minnie is a super sweet, docile calf who loves being petted and getting some of those much deserved head scratches.


Ages: 4 weeks

Breed: Red Holstein

About Halo

This photo was taken when Halo was just one hour old! She's a month old and a bit stubborn, but she's so cute that we dont mind!

Heart of Africa

Age: 10 weeks

Breed: Red Holstein

About Heart of Africa

This little cutie's name says it al - she has a big heart! She just got promoted to the pasture so she's spending her days in the soft green grass!

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